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We provide free tutoring services by trained volunteers to adults in need of basic literacy education, HSE (GED) preparation and ESL in the Bergen County New Jersey area.

Project Literacy of Greater Bergen County is thankful for all our donors and supporters.

We are thankful for the tutors who bring so much value to our students.

We are thankful for our students who inspire us with their enthusiasm and progress.

Without the support of all of you we would not be able to continue our mission of

providing the gift of literacy to adults who confront life in Bergen County without the skills to effectively communicate.


Parents should be able to read to their children...

Workers can't fill out job applications if they're unable to read...

Immigrants get left behind because they can't speak English...

Illiteracy affects us all in terms of higher unemployment, poverty and crime.
Did you know that 1 in 4 American adults volunteers in their community? And together, American volunteers donate nearly 7.9 billion hours of service annually?

According to the Independent Sector, the latest national value of volunteer time is $22.55 per hour.

Using state volunteer values along with data from our Annual Member Reports, ProLiteracy has calculated the value of our adult education volunteer work in New Jersey is $2,033,671.20.


Facts You May Not Have Known About Literacy

  • 44 million people in the United States cannot read well enough to fill out a job application, read a food label, read a simple story to their child or fill out a bank deposit slip properly
  • One of out every ten drivers you meet on the highway cannot read the road signs
  • For every dollar that is spent on adult illiteracy, society reaps $7.14 in return either through increased revenues or decreased expenditures such as health care or job training
  • The United States is only 49th out of 156 ranked countries when it comes to literacy
  • Literacy problems cost businesses approximately $225 billion a year in lost productivity
  • More than 150,000 people in Bergen County alone cannot read beyond the fourth grade level. More than 93 million adults in the US have limited reading skills

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Roseta’s Story

Iíve been a student of Project Literacy for about two years. My first contact with this program was at an event I was working. At first Mr. Reddin observed that I couldnít speak English. He explained to me that Project Literacy is a free program where tutors volunteer to work with students who have basic education needs. I started thinking, maybe for a short time, but I couldnít imagine the great work they do, how much they help me and of course other students.

This program is different than...

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